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Maid Agency: MyHelper Pte Ltd
Type: Transfer
Available: Immediate
Base Salary: S$450
Rest Day Pref.: 1 rest days per month

Hnin Thiri Kyaw, 24, is single, has 4 siblings. She can manage the household chores and cooking. She has worked in Singapore for about 2 months. In this household, she took care of 2 children (cousins) both 2 yrs old and sometimes assist Madam in taking care the newborn baby.

In her new employment, she is willing to look after the infant, children and the elderly. She is also willing to look after pets. She can cook Myanmar food very well. Her english is basic.

Click here for the video interview with Hnin Thiri Kyaw.

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Single (24 yrs)
Ref: KW-014
Upd on 07-Dec-18
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